Who We Help

Our work is a direct intersection of homelessness, addiction, and mental health. All of our clients’ lives have been impacted by alcohol and other drug dependencies.

Client Stories

Success looks different to everyone

Being here not only has me sober, which is the main reason that I’m here, but has also kept me from being on the street. I am now doing my art and getting all of my medical stuff done. I now have a recovery coach, am looking for a doctor, am getting my legal situation taken care of, and am connecting with my children.

Shelly (2022)

When I was using out on the street, I was seeing so many people using and ODing. I wanted to go back to who I was before.

Coming to Stabilization has changed me to focus more on myself, getting my health back, and eating better. The staff could not have been more helpful to me. Being in Stabilization has me reconnecting with my grandchildren, a home for myself and my family, and a recovery coach.

There are no words to thank the workers of Stabilization for pointing me down the right road.

Edmund (March 2022)

This place has kindly and graciously allowed me to stop my addiction use long enough to recover my health to a place of strength and hope.

I am forever grateful and will not live for one minute without gratitude.

Thanks, team. I feel at home.


Anonymous (2022)

My experience here at my first visit at Lethbridge Stabilization has been a very positive one. All the staff have always been kind and eager to help with any and all requests. 

The atmosphere here has made it a lot easier for me to remain sober and help get me in touch with the right community resources that are out there in Lethbridge and area. 

I need to say that staff really are what makes this place what it is and gives us the right kind of encouragement and care we need to pick up and move on when life has us stuck sometimes.

Thank you! 

Bobbie-Jo (2022)

I’ve been able to get my sanity back and also think about getting a job. I’ve put my motivation into attempts to obtain employment and a stabilized home. 

I’ve also caught up on much needed sleep and rest, and have also been able to get a fresh hot shower and get my medical all addressed.

Thank you for your dedication.

"C" (2022)

Staying in Alpha House Detox has been good. The opportunity to stay sober and find the options that you need to have a better lifestyle. I’m glad to have a resource in the community because there are not a lot of options in Lethbridge to get clean.

The staff have been great in helping me find the resources that I need.

Chris (March 2022)

Staying here has benefited me by saving my life. I got rest and became healthy again with good food, sleep, meeting new friends, and was able to get back to my meetings.

Staff are really helpful to me in getting back on track so I can fix my life outside of Detox.

Robert (March 2022)

While staying in Stabilization, I have been continually blessed with love and comradery. I have been blessed with sobriety and will continue to make the right choices towards becoming an asset to the world and people around me!

I hope to be blessed with a family when the time is right and share the love of family forever. I will be able to make effective choices – the dream becomes a reality when faith walks hand in hand with the above reasons and accountability. Be loving and kind to walk through life. Be the best you can.

Love, Rex

Rex ( February 2022)