DATE: October 12, 2022

RE: Service Provider – Lethbridge Shelter and Stabilization Centre


Alpha House received notice that the Alberta Government will be transferring the funding grant for service provision of the Lethbridge Shelter and Stabilization programs to another operator. Alpha House will remain as operator until early January 2023  at which time the Blood Tribe Department of Health will assume responsibility for the Shelter and Stabilization programs.

We understand the decision supports a recognition that this work should be led by an Indigenous organization given the majority-Indigenous population accessing services. Alpha House supports the investment in Indigenous-led programming in the sector and we wish the Blood Tribe Department of Health every success as they move into operations in January.

Lethbridge is home to our staff, and our agency after many years of operations here, and we are exceptionally proud of our work providing the best client care possible for those we serve through the Shelter, the Stabilization Centre, COVID-19 isolation units, and Transitional Housing programs we have operated over the past three years. Client care will remain our top priority through these upcoming changes.



Shaundra Bruvall

403 478 0387